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B and E!

B was very sad.   She lived all by herself and was very lonely.

She got up every morning, ate breakfast, and cleaned up.   Then she had nothing to do.   After dinner she went to sleep.   Every day was the same.

One day she decided to take a walk.   She wasn't looking where she was going.   She tripped and fell down.

She was almost in tears when she heard a voice say, "Hello, there.   Are you okay?"   Someone helped her stand up. "   How do you feel?" he asked. "Fine," she said.   She was feeling a little silly.

"My name is E, what's yours?" he asked.   She told him her name was B.   He asked if she wanted some ice cream, and she replied that ice cream was one of her favorite things to eat.

They went into the ice cream shop down the street and bought two ice cream cones.   B told E that she was lonely and didn't have any friends.   E told her that he would be happy to be her friend.   She could meet all of his friends, too.   He had a lot of friends.

B and E became very good friends and found that together they could BE anything they wanted to BE!