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Before you make a decision regarding a web site, you must identify your need.  Having a web site requires a commitment.  Web sites offer a way to make information available to the consumer immediately.  Email lets your customer contact you immediately.  You need to reply.  Having a web site will improve and increase your business, but you need to make the commitment to keep it up-to-date and respond to the email communication it will generate.  Starting with a simple web site is easy and inexpensive.  You can grow the site in the direction that experience leads you.  That way, you know that it is producing results and that you are getting a return on your investment.

Designing a web site involves creating something out of thin air.  You know what you want, but itís hard to make it happen when you canít touch it.

As with any creative endeavor, there is some magic involved.  The balance lies in having enough organization to give your imagination the freedom it needs to make it happen.  The following list includes the basic plan I follow to help you give me what I need to make your dream a cyber reality.

  1. Provide me with all the information you have.  I can learn about your company.  Some of the things you might want to share include:

    • information about the owners
    • information about the employees
    • history of the company
    • services your company provides
    • products your company sells
    • contact information
    • pictures and other digital information
    • definitions of critical terms and concepts
    • warranties and guarantees
    • support
    • anything else you want visitors to know
  2. I will prepare a number of text files that provide information about all aspects of your company based on the information you provide.  It is critical that you carefully check everything to make sure that your companyís message is getting across loud and clear.
  3. Together we will identify an overall organization plan based on the perspective of your clients and how you want to communicate with them.
  4. I will then complete the links and organization that will allow your current and prospective clients easy access to information about your company in a way that lets you effectively communicate with them.
  5. Because I will know more about you and your company, I will understand what image you want to project with the look of the site.
Techniques in web site design reflect the understanding that a web site is more effective and easier to manage when presentation is separate from content.  That approach provides more control over design and information.  Changing or adding text is simple and fast.  Altering the design involves editing a few pieces of formatting instructions which result in site-wide changes.  Adding a new logo or artwork is a simple process once the design work is completed.

So, if you’re ready to begin...

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