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Warner Robins, GA   31088
Phones:   478-953-8475/955-0964

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1978, M.S., Reading, Florida State University
1976, M.S., Theater, Florida State University
1975, B.F.A., Theater, Florida International University
1986, B.S., Computer Science, Mercer University
2002, Diploma, Web Site Developer, Central Georgia Technical College
2001, Diploma, E-commerce Site Design, Central Georgia Technical College
1999, Diploma, CIS, Central Georgia Technical College


VAX 11/780, HP 1000, CDC 7600, UNIVAC 1100, Apple, Macintosh, IBM compatibles


VAX/VMS, UNIX/32V, RTE 1000, SCOPE, NOS/BE, PRIME, UNIVAC EXEC 36R2D, DOS, Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, Linux


Pascal, FORTRAN, ColdFusion, Perl, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, TUTOR (CDC, PLATO), PRIME Assembly, Introduction to ADA, Introduction to "C"


Microsoft (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint), WordPerfect, Photoshop, Flash, FrontPage, Dreamweaver


I have held a Top Secret clearance with EBI.  It isn’t active.  I received it when I worked at TRW in Huntsville, AL


09/04-09/06       VISTA Volunteer, Macon, Taryn Collinsworth
I worked for two years with Communities in Schools. My primary responsibilities included data entry and research for grants for the organization. I spent one year on a special project involving recruitment of faith-based organizations to provide support and volunteers for the school programs. I solicited donations to be used by Ms. Collinsworth to reward the volunteers. I have worked with a minimum of supervision and enjoyed the experience.

04/03-03/04       VISTA Volunteer, Macon, Ms. Lynn Freedman
My year-long assignment was with Macon Outreach on Mulberry. I helped to construct a database of volunteers which proved invaluable in fundraising activities.

02/90-05/91      Governmental Systems, Inc., Programmer/Analyst
Responsible for development and maintenance of COBOL software in a Unix environment.

07/84-11/85      Applied Technology, Warner Robins, Ed Hillhouse, Dr. David Barwick
Responsibilities included continuing development of software tools, specifically expansion of the Instrumentation Program for the ALR-74 project as well as the position of Assistant System Manager for the company VAX computer. Software projects involved taking raw data from various sources and converting it to useful, easy to understand information. This meant assessing data, working with engineers to discover what they required and creating programs that would provide that information in a format that helped them observe patterns and make necessary improvements to the system being evaluated. In the case of the ALR-74, the data was inspected at the bit level directly from the radar system.

11/81-07/84      TRW, Huntsville, AL, Don Baxter
Responsibilities included design, development, implementation, testing, maintenance and documentation of software tools for a variety of projects. Emphasis was on the creation of a user-friendly environment combined with efficiency. Software tools ranged from error reporting and tracking systems to debugging tools. Using Pascal and FORTRAN, in VAX/VMS and Unix environments, programs were created to design and maintain databases for each application which would allow all functions associated with a database to be performed. Databases were designed which would record all necessary data in a format that would provide simple, fast access and create meaningful reports. Also worked on proposals and presentations.

09/88-06/89      Warner Robins Middle School, Warner Robins, GA
Responsible for development of English courses to satisfy the requirements for 8th grade students.

02/79-07/80      Teacher, Leon County School Board, Tallahassee, FL
Responsibilities included development of individual programs for special students identified as having reading problems.


Florida:     Reading, Drama, Math, Elementary Education
Georgia:   Early Childhood, Reading (P-12), Drama (P-12), English (6-12),
                      Middle Grades (Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Reading),
                      Special Education General Curriculum Consultative (P-12)


Silver Medal, National Competition for VICA, Leadership Competition for Extemporaneous Speaking


Available upon request.