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...a world where everything is the same. 
Supermarket aisles are monotonous. 
Houses are identical; cars are the same. 
We are indistinguishable. 
There is one television show, one book, one song. 
What a melancholy world! 

Thankfully, reality is exciting. 
It’s simple. 
It’s imagination. 
It’s magic!

From the design of a unique web space to the creation of performing art, prose and poetry, I can make your world a brighter place.  Once upon a time, people did business face-to-face and wrote longhand.  There were no printing presses, telephones, fax machines, or computers.  These inventions brought about miraculous changes in the way in which we communicate.  Now, it is a necessity to have a presence in cyberspace.

If you do business... 
if you connect with people... 
if you have a dynamic message... 
if you need to reach people now!... 

you must have an Internet presence!

If you aren’t comfortable in cyberspace, I can help you learn to use this essential tool to your best advantage.  Do you sell a product or market a service?  If your message isn’t delivered, no-one will get it.  Letting people know what you have to offer is the key to your success...  and theirs.  That’s magic!

Wherever you are, I can be there. Using email, telephone, and even snail mail, we can exchange information and make your web site distinctive.  And it’s just me.  If you have a problem or an idea and need to let me know, I’m just a phone call (478-955-0964)  or an email away (  I work flexible hours; I’m there when you need me.  If you’re unhappy, let me know.  That’s what I’m here for... to make it right!  The process can be frustrating, and I understand that.  I can take you where you want to go.  If you are happy, let everyone know.  When you tell people about me, you tell them about your web site.  That works for both of us.

Questions about the cost?