Child of Mine

The softness of your head upon my shoulder in the morn
The mark of death upon you from the moment you were born.
I hear you breathing gently; your sweet smell fills this place.
I feel your head upon my arm and look upon your face.

The innocence of countenance-- you sleep now, all the pain
Forgotten in exhaustion, but it will come again.
Your short time here upon this earth
       might have been spent alone
Had I not shared my heart with you and given you a home.

I thought the gift was mine to give, but thanks to you I see
The love I gave was small compared to what you gave to me.
It breaks my heart to know you'll die so very young and small.
I would have given all I had to see you standing tall.

Before me proud and happy, your future bright and clear.
For ignorance and apathy, the cost to you was dear.
So now I share your dying and the future slowly fades
For this child of an addict, this innocent child of AIDS.