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Web Design

Before you make a decision regarding a web site, you must identify your need.  Having a web site requires a commitment.  Web sites offer a way to make information available to the consumer immediately.  Email lets your customer contact you immediately.  You need to reply.  Having a web site will improve and increase your business, but you need to make the commitment to keep it up-to-date and respond to the email communication it will generate.  Starting with a simple web site is easy and inexpensive.  You can grow the site in the direction that experience leads you.  That way, you know that it is producing results and that you are getting a return on your investment.

Domain name and one year hosting $95.00
One page with meta tags to get started $100.00
Additional pages $50-100.00
Basic package including hosting, domain name, 1 page, email       $175.00
Unique design of web site (including all files) $100.00 & up
Daily - annual maintenance and update packages available price varies

Web sites require a down payment.  The domain name will be reserved, hosting will be purchased, and the basic pages and structure will be in place within one week of receipt of payment and information.  Purchase of a web site includes ownership of all files and graphics associated with that web site in addition to instruction on how to download the files for a private backup and information regarding accessing the hosting company and controlling the domain name.

An existing domain name and/or web site will require additional time to transfer control. I will begin the process immediately.  The companies which control the domain name and/or web site will dictate how long the transfer process will take.  Within one week of transfer, the basic site will be in place.


Medium Cost Duration/Space Limitations
Newspaper $58 1 column by 1" 1 day Monday-Thursday
  $63   Friday, Saturday
  $82   Sunday
  $1,900 1/2 page Monday-Thursday
  $3,803   Friday, Saturday
  $5,290   Sunday
  $3,803 full page Monday-Thursday
  $7,607   Friday, Saturday
  $10,581   Sunday
Television $10 30 seconds ($300+ produce) 1:37 am-5:00 am
  $60   Sunday AM news
  $80   Sunday AM news
  $1,950   Prime Time
Radio $10-175 60 seconds production included
  $5-90 30 seconds production included
Cable $1,200 1 week (4 minute production) production included
  $2,400 3 months production included
  $4,392 6 months production included
  $3-100 30 seconds $300 production
Billboard $500+ 1 month $125-400 + production
Admobile $395-995 1 month $295-695 - art work
WEB SITE $95 1 year (hosting/domain name) $100+ for content
  $175+ Basic Internet presence
including 1 year hosting/domain name           
1 page, email

Spend your advertising dollar wisely.  Use more expensive advertising methods to publicize your web site.  Use your cost effective web site, with virtually unlimited space and resources, to deliver your message and communicate with your customers.

Other Services

Research and Writing  
Basic research for specific subject including complete notes and bibliography            $40.00 hr & up
Final paper (for publication only) $100.00 & up
Proofreading and editing $40.00 hr & up
Speechwriting $100.00 & up
Personalized Poetry $10.00 & up
Consulting including basic training on the use of technology and
   a web site & assisting with presentations
$40,00 hr & up
Education, training and workshops price varies
Performances and presentations price varies

Deadlines for research, writing, and other services will be negotiated upon receipt of down payment which will be 25-50% of the estimated charge based on your requirements.